The Polish-American Cultural Society of Northeast Florida
in Jacksonville, also known as the Polish Club of Jax, is the primary
social organization for the Polish-American community in the region

This is the official site of our Club



October 12, at 12:00 pm.
General Meeting
Following the meeting, a dinner will be served.

After the meeting, at 2:30 pm, the Club will present a movie
"Messenger of the truth"
about Polish priest, blessed father Jerzy Popieluszko.

The movie was produced by Mr. Paul Hansler,
who resides in Jacksonville.
Mr. Hansler will hold a short presentation prior to the movie.


October 18th at 6pm
Bonfire - Family Night


November 1st at 7pm
Halloween Party


November 9th at 12:00
General Meeting and Election Day
of the Officers and Board Members, dinner will follow.






With immense sorrow we say farewell to our departed friend,
Mr. Chester Kmiec, who left us on August 14, 2014, at the age of 99.
Although he was born in Chicago and had never visited Poland,
his Mother Country was always deep in his heart, as manifested
by his ability to speak perfect Polish. He was our Club’s
important Benefactor and had high hopes for the future of the
cultural programs of our organization.
May he rest in peace, God bless his soul.


Z głębokim żalem żegnamy zmarłego Chestera Kmiecia,
który odszedł od nas 14 sierpnia 2014 r. w wieku 99 lat.
Urodzony w Chicago, nigdy nie odwiedził Polski, ale Polska
zawsze była głęboko w jego sercu, o czym świadczyła  
jego piękna polszczyzna. Był on waznym darczyńcą naszego klubu
i wiązał duże nadzieje z rozwojem kulturalno-oświatowej
działalności naszej organiz
Cześć jego pamięci, niech odpoczywa w pokoju.

The article relatest the events which took place at the Club in recent months and mentions the club members who made it all possible. Please see http://www.fl.bialyorzel24.com/floryda/art,46,polish-american-society-of-northeast-florida-in-jacksonville.html